India Minimum Wages Act

duties of the employer under the equal remuneration act

Hair Style 2017 - India Minimum Wages Act, India minimum wage - world minimum wage rates 2018, While india has no national minimum wage,minimum wages may be set by state or sector of industry. wages vary from 160 rupees ($2.40) per day in bihar to 423 rupees ($6.35) per day in delhi based on minimum wages act,1948. state governments also set a separate minimum wage for agricultural workers. india's minimum wage was last changed in 1-jan-2015.. Minimum wages in india - minimum wages in india, The minimum wages act 1948 is an act of parliament concerning indian labor law that sets the minimum wages that must be paid to skilled and unskilled labors. the indian constitution has defined a ‘living wage’ that is the level of income for a worker which will ensure a basic standard of living including good […]. India’s minimum wage structure: a brief explainer - india, The minimum wage act of 1948, passed by the indian parliament, fixes the minimum wage for certain ‘scheduled employment’ categories – which is applicable to the whole of india. the minimum wages given under this act apply to both skilled as well as unskilled laborers..

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