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Hair Style 2017 - What Is 22k Gold Worth, Are 22 kt gold stamps worth anything? i have 31 gold, From what i can tell they are worth $1.00 to $3.50 addressed and up to $6.50 unaddressed. i got 153 stamps for $100. not a great deal but, i like them and will give them to my sons. they will have them for about 50 years and try to sell them. maybe worth $2.00 by then. fun to collect, look at and talk about. not worth trying to recover any gold off them.. What is the value of 22k gold? | yahoo answers, Yes, 22k gold is at or near 91.67% pure gold. coin dealers typically charge a 3-5% transaction fee for gold. also, keep in mind precious metals -- like gold -- are measured in troy ounces (31.1034768 grams), and the spot price should apply to gold coins. i hope that helps.. How much is 22k of gold worth? - quora, 22k gold is %91.67 pure gold and 24k is 99.9% pure. you didn't specify as to how much 22k you have so let's assume you have an ounce. you can check current spot values of all precious metals at kitco . look at what the spot price is for 24k and take 91.67% of that value, which will give you your 22k ounce of gold..

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